How to for Plugs and Buttons

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Screwhole plugs and buttons are exactly as described. They are used to cover countersunk, or recessed screws in a piece of wood.

1. Start by using a countersinking drill bit or regular bit and drill your hole deep enough to accept the plug.

      2. After inserting screws apply glue inside the hole and insert the plugs, or buttons. Tap a Flat Head plug all the way in until the top of the plug is flush with the board. Tap a Button in until the shoulder touches the board.

Paint or stain as desired.



Joining two pieces of wood together using Dowel Pins

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  • Line up: Position the pieces to be joined into their final positions and mark pencil lines across both pieces where the dowel pins will be installed. Measure down with a straight edge to position holes.

  • Drill the Holes: Use a drill bit the same diameter as dowel pin. Drill the hole 1/8" deeper than 1/2 the length of the pin. You can use a tape measure and pencil to line up the holes for the other board, or insert the pins in the first board and apply lipstick to the ends and transfer the marks to the other board.

  • Glue: Apply glue inside holes before inserting pins for final assembly. Join the two pieces of wood together and clamp until the glue sets up.


Building a Hat Rack, Coat Rack with Shaker Pegs

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  • Begin with a board at least 3/4" thick. Drill holes using a 7/16" diameter drill bit. Drill to a 5/8" depth. Space holes according to the application - Hats, Coats, etc.

  • Apply glue inside holes and press tenon of Shaker Peg in firmly.

  •  For added holding power you can add screws from the backside of the board into the Shaker Peg tenons.



Installing a Closet Pole using Closet Pole Sockets

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The Closet Pole Sockets come in a set with one round and one slotted pole socket. Measure the height that you want to mount your closet pole. Mount the round socket first and line up the slotted socket at the same place on the opposite wall. You can fit your pole in the round socket and use it to help level and place the slotted socket. Make sure both sockets are securely anchored. Install your pole in place and you're ready to hang clothes.